It has certainly been an interesting 2020 but unfortunately lice don’t take a back seat to Coronavirus.  We at Lice Geeks have closed our lice clinics in accordance to Ottawa Public Health regulations.  We want our clients to know that we are still here to give advice and our help line is open call or text 613-482-1432.

It has surprised many parents that their children have lice.   How is that possible during this lockdown?  One of the things that has happened is that they had lice prior to lock down and you are just discovering it now.

Here are a few things you need to survive a lice outbreak during Covid 19.

  1.  You need to check all your family members.
  2. A great comb is what is needed.
  3. Not sure it is lice?  Send us a picture for a free head lice diagnosis.
  4. Every family situation is unique so we can help you with the steps needed to get you through all of this.

Remember you are not alone, and we will get your through any lice problems you have.

Stay safe. 

Your friends at Lice Geeks

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