Can You Use Tea Tree Oil to Remove Lice?

Let’s talk tea tree oil and head lice.  We have had many clients say they have used tea tree oil because they didn’t want to use the toxic drug store lice products. Unfortunately, they weren’t successful and came to us for lice removal. The bottom line is tea tree oil just doesn’t work for treating and removing head lice.

Tea tree oil also know as Melaleuca alternifolia has been used for head lice over the years.  Many people have said using this works in treating head lice.  Yes, tea tree oil does play a role in prevention but not in the treatment of lice.

It is important to realize the difference between a treatment and prevention using tea tree oil.   Does tea tree oil work to remove and treat lice?  If you already have lice tea tree oil will not work in making the lice leave your head.  They may not like the scent but once the lice are on your head they will stay even if you spritz tea tree oil on the hair.  Some people will put it on the hair and leave it on to smother the lice, but tea tree oil does not work as a smothering agent. Does tea tree oil work as a preventative? The answer is yes.  Mixing tree oil with water and spritzing on you child when there is an outbreak at school, daycare or camp does help.  Though you do have to remember nothing is 100% so you must keep checking the hair weekly.

Does tea tree oil work as a head lice treatment?  The answer is no but it does work as a preventative for head lice.  Please note that tea tree oil is poisonous and must be diluted for use.  If you are looking for an alternative lice prevention, please check out our shop.

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