One Time Head Lice Treatment Solution

Permanent Solution or One Time Solution for lice treatment are myths and are only marketing strategies that give false hope of a solution for head lice.

There is no products or services available for families to use and be lice free in one treatment.  Here are the reasons why One and Done Lice Treatment or One Time Lice Solutions don’t work:

  • If a company claims a product that work one time –ask them why they need to comb out and why do you have to continue to comb?  This means that the product is not 100% effective. These one time lice removal solutions can also be very expensive.
  • Some companies guarantee this process for 3 weeks or 1 month.  That is not long enough.  This allows these companies to claim a new infestation but reality is that the One Time Solution or One and Done didn’t work.  You want 100% guarantee.
  • Drug store products also make these claims that you are done in one treatment.  They claim to kill lice and lice eggs but their instructions tell you that all eggs must be removed.   This is not 100% effective.

Because of these myths about One Time Solutions, Permanent Lice Solutions or One and Done I often get question:Why does my daughter/son keep getting lice? It is because these types of products/services aren’t getting the job 100% done.   It seems that the child keeps getting lice when they were never cleared the infestation in the 1st place. 

Lice treatment and removal can be frustrating understandably people are looking for a quick fix.  Unfortunately, it doesn’t work this way, there are no quick fixes.  Lice removal and treatment is a process of using pesticide free lice shampoo plus a professional comb and a process of reduction combing.   At Lice Geeks we understand lice, the science behind lice and lice removal.  Make sure to ask questions and the products or services.  Don’t fall for the One Time Soluton or One and Done lice treatment.

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