Natural lice removal products versus pesticides: What you need to know

When the realisation hits that lice has invaded your child’s head, the natural instinct is to rush to the pharmacy and buy the strongest lice remover possible, to get rid of them as quickly as possible.

Unfortunately that instinct can lead to buying products that have pesticides and chemicals in them. And, they just don’t work as there are no store-bought treatments that will kill all the eggs, no matter what they claim. The eggs must be manually removed with an effective comb. Otherwise, the lice will just return.

Lice Geeks, uses the best method to remove head lice and eggs by using a safe and effective enzyme based treatment appropriate for all ages, and a great comb. This combination guarantees lice removal.

Lice removal can be time consuming. Our experts have over 50 years combined experience in lice removal. That means we have the method to ensure you are lice free quickly and efficiently. We have a centrally located clinic and a mobile team for your convenience. We have an exclusive line of natural products plus our comb which is the best on the market.

Not sure it is lice?  Take a picture and send it to Lice Geeks for a free diagnosis or call 613-482-1432 and we will happily share all our expertise with you.

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