Lice removal success starts with the right lice removal comb

What really is a great comb?  Plastic, Metal, Electric? Read on to find out!

Plastic Combs

When you purchase the products from the drug store they come with a plastic comb.  So naturally you figure that this is the best comb because it came in the package.  Right?  Wrong.  These plastic combs are absolutely useless.  The tines are too far apart to grab anything.  All they do is cause a great amount of frustration.  Most people then just use their fingernails to try and get the eggs out.  This makes this job longer than necessary and frustrating because you can’t get everything out.

Electric Combs

Electric combs can have a place in the eradication of lice.  They zap the live lice which is fantastic BUT they do nothing in the removal of the eggs.  The excitement of getting the live lice is short lived when the realization that the infestation is still there when those eggs keep hatching.  These combs must be used on dry hair.  If the person starts to sweat you will hear zapping and then you think you are killing lice.  This may not be the case and if it is being used as a checking tool it can lead to a misdiagnosis of lice.  If you do have lice you will need to switch combs for the treatment.

Metal Combs

Not all metal combs are equal.  There are ones being sold in the drug stores which are better than the plastic combs but are not the great comb.   The drug store versions look like they would be good but again the tines aren’t close enough together. They do leave eggs behind therefore allowing the infestation to continue. Once again you will resort to using your fingernails which again not efficient or effective.

Lice Geeks Comb—It’s truly a great comb

Our comb is unique in that not only all the tines close together they have a metal twist that goes down the tine.  This design allows the comb to remove the eggs from the hair shaft plus removing the lice.  By using this unique comb you can be successful in the eradication of lice.  This comb also can withstand the cleaning for multiply uses if you have more than 1 head to treat.

Text or call 613-482-1432 to set up an appointment – we’ll remove any lice from your hair and eggs that have not yet hatched. You can then come back in a few days to have us remove the rest of the eggs or you can purchase one of our great combs and our professional solution – we’ll make sure you know how to use both!

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