Can Lice Drown?

Many people believe you can drown lice, but it is not what you think.  Head lice are very hardy, and they can close their breathing holes for extended periods of time.

To drown lice, you must submerge the louse for over 8 hours to be successful.  This would be impossible to do if the lice are on a head.  Even if it was possible the drowning process would only kill live lice, not the lice eggs.  To be successful in head lice removal you must also remove the lice eggs.

Drowning lice works if you are worried about having a louse on your hairbrush, clips or elastics.  You can place these items in a bowl and submerge with water.   Leave for 8 hours and then when the lice open their breathing holes they will drown. 

Successful Lice Treatment

There are many methods and myths that are circling around.  But the only way to be successful in lice removal in Ottawa is to manually remove all the lice and eggs from the head.  This can be very tedious and time-consuming if you have never done it before.  At Lice Geeks we have the techniques and skills to have you lice free quickly. 

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