Does Tea Tree Oil Kill Lice?

Does tea tree oil really work against head lice? The short answer is no. In our experience we have observed that lice don’t like the smell of the tea tree oil. But to kill lice the answer is no.  It really is only good as a preventative measure.

Tea Tree Oil Lice Treatment

It’s a myth that tea tree oil can treat lice. At best, tea tree oil is a home remedy that you can use to protect your head from lice. However, it won’t be effective if you already have lice.

How Lice Geeks Removes Lice

We simply use the specially designed Lice Geeks Lice Comb to completely eradicate lice and eggs. When you schedule an appointment with Lice Geeks, we’ll apply our special combing techniques in combination with our highly effective lice enzyme.  This process is done and then to break the life cycle of the lice we then do a follow up 3 to 5 days later.

Can I Treat Lice at Home?

Yes. After receiving lice treatment at our clinic, you can also buy our lice comb and mousse to treat everyone at home. The mousse is formulated with natural enzymes that help dissolve the glue that binds the egg to the hair shaft. This no-mess, no need to mix mousse is effective and easy to apply. Using the mousse with the Lice Services Comb will help ensure successful results.

Want to learn more about lice prevention and treatment? Check out this free handout.

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