Best treatments for lice: Don’t fall for a Pinterest fail!

Here at Lice Geeks, we’ve seen it all and heard it all from our customers. Many consider coming to us as a last resort when everything else has failed. What is everything else? These are ‘recommended remedies’, ‘no-fail’ treatments, and ‘easy DIY cures’ that usually only make the situation worse.

We have a list of myths on our website that you can download but these are the most common stories we hear.

“The lice removal product has to be strong for it to work.”

Nope. The best way to remove lice is to physically remove the lice and eggs with a special comb. We only use the best comb on the market. Lice Geeks follows up this practice with a non-toxic product that won’t cause additional harm, and helps to guarantee removal.

“If we shave everyone’s head, it will automatically get rid of the lice.”

Seriously? You’re going to shave everyone’s head? Including your own? Did you know that lice can live in as little as 2 mm of hair? It’s simply no worth that kind of drastic measure when you can simply call Lice Geeks who will share their knowledge and expertise to help you make a much better decision. Before resorting to a whole new look, there are other options.

“A hot shower will get rid of lice. I just need to make sure we’re clean.”

Contrary to popular belief, lice actually prefer clean heads. Lice can also live in water for up to 8 hours.  The reality is that there is no rhyme or reason to getting lice. So before you decide to stop showering altogether, give Lice Geeks a call.

“Mayonnaise is a natural way to get rid of lice.”

Mayonnaise is a natural way to get salmonella and you’ll still be infested with lice. Bacteria in mayonnaise doubles every 20 minutes when exposed to the heat from your child’s head resulting in dangerously high levels of microorganisms sitting on the open sores from the lice bites on his/her scalp. Don’t waste food or time, go to to find out how to safely and effectively get rid of lice.

Don’t fall for these and if you suspect you or your child has lice, just give us a call at 613-482-1432. We can help.

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